Wednesday, 15 July 2015

How do you like your matcha in the morning?

Recently I have been trying to start my morning with something other than a vat of coffee.  Admittedly it has taken some getting used to but I wanted to find something that would not only make me feel more awake first thing but also help me have some energy throughout the day.  I seem to be one of those people that no matter how much sleep I get I always want more!

A few months ago I discovered matcha green tea and now I start every day with a matcha green tea smoothie.

I make mine with yogurt, 100ml of almond milk and some matcha powder.  You can buy a bamboo spoon to measure out the matcha or add half a teaspoon.  I whiz it all together in my nutribullet, the whole thing is ready in around 2 minutes.  I like to mix up the flavour of yogurt I use - other combinations I'm partial to are banana and custard muller light (sometimes with a teaspoon of peanut better) and fat free plain yogurt with a teaspoon of honey, both mixed with almond milk.

There are plenty of suggestions for how to drink the tea, from actually drinking it as a cuppa, mixing it with juice and making a milky latte.  

Matcha has 137 times more antioxidants than normal green tea, the benefits of matcha are said to include increased metabolism, improved mental focus, clearer skin and weight loss.  I have definitely noticed a difference in my energy levels throughout the day, I don't get the sleepy feeling in the afternoon so much.

Does anyone else start their morning with matcha green tea?  How do you like yours?


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