Sunday, 5 October 2014

Pucker up! Rimmel Apocalips Lip Velvet

I love a matte lipstick and have recently been looking for a new lip colour that is bold while not being as in your face as my usual go-to pinks and red.

I steered clear of the first round of Apocalips as I am not really a fan of glossy lip colour, but this one is right up my street.  The new matte collection comes in five shades - I chose Meteoric Matte, a warm berry shade perfect for autumn/winter.  Apocalips comes in liquid form in a tube with a heart shaped wand applicator.

Application is easy - I start with a lip butter to give my lips a little moisture, then I take all excess product off the wand and outline my lips.  This does leave the wand quite dry but as the colour is so vibrant there is still enough to transfer onto your lips.  I then load the applicator with plenty of the lipgloss and fill in my lips.  A quick blot with some tissue and I am all set.

So, how does the product last?  I am really impressed with the lasting power of Apocalips.  Of course it comes off, if for example you have a drink, but it is such a strong colour it doesn't disappear.  I can apply this in the morning before work or before going on a night out and I don't need to re-apply.  Another big plus point for Apocalips is that it doesn't dry out my lips at all, yay!


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